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NOLA 2017

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NOLA 2017

What is NOLA?

NOLA is a student-run club at Wheaton College that was founded just months after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Students in the club are committed to volunteer work and helping the communities around them and beyond. Although Katrina was eleven years ago, New Orleans is still very much affected by the disaster. New Orleans relies heavily on volunteers to rebuild, which is why, eleven years later, NOLA is still a club. We are determined to keep traveling to New Orleans for as many years as it takes to rebuild. 

Why is Volunteering in New Orleans Important?

In the eleven years since Hurricane Katrina there have always been volunteer groups going down to volunteer, but there is still so much work to be done until the city is back to how it was before the disaster. Many houses and buildings that were affected by the hurricane remain abandoned and in disarray. Families who had to leave their homes do not have enough money to fix their homes, so they are not able to return. When families are able to save up money to repair their homes, common problems that occur are contractor fraud, when families pay a contractor to fix their homes and they run off with all of their money, or their homes are being repaired with drywall that contains harmful chemicals. In both cases, families are left with no money and their house does not get rebuilt. This is why volunteers are so important to New Orleans; it is free help by people who are passionate about striving to help others. In addition to rebuilding houses, one day of each NOLA trip is dedicated to doing trash cleanup in the bayou, which was also severely affected by Katrina. In light of this summer's flooding in Baton Rouge, this year we will also be dedicating one day to flood relief. 

How Your Donations Help Us

Each year NOLA club members pay $200 and the rest of the money we need is all made through fundraisers. Traveling with a group of 28 students and faculty gets expensive, so your donations are extremely appreciated!

Your generous donation will contribute to helping us pay for:

  • Airfare
  • Transportation 
  • Lodging in New Orleans
  • Meals
  • Volunteer costs
  • Supply costs
  • Nighttime cultural learning excursions

By donating to NOLA, you help our club help families in New Orleans and make a positive impact on their lives. Any donation, small or large is welcome. If you are unable to donate, we simply ask that you share this campaign, in hopes that more people become aware of the help that New Orleans still needs. 

Here are the students who you would be supporting:

Olivia, 2018          Emory, 2017          Molley, 2017          Cathy, 2019          Joey, 2019          

Cathy, 2019          Charlotte, 2017     Adrienne, 2017      Lauren, 2017        Cam, 2017            

Katie, 2019           Brittany, 2019         Emily, 2019          Julia, 2019            Ashley, 2019        

Hannah, 2019       Kaylee, 2019         Kally, 2019           Luisa, 2019           Flynn, 2019

                           Brenna, 2020        Ashraya, 2020     Rebecca, 2020 




Choose a giving level


Help a Student

Your $10 donation will help to support a NOLA student as they embark on an experience of a lifetime.


Help Feed Us

Your $25 donation will help cover food costs. We work hard during the day and need nourishment to refuel our bodies!


Help Broaden Our Perspective

Your $50 donation will help cover our cultural learning excursions. This is an opportunity for us to take in the rich culture of New Orleans.


Help Us With Supplies

Your $100 donation will help cover tangible supply costs as well as material expenses. We work for free but we need materials in order to work!


Help Get Us There

Your $250 donation will help cover travel expenses. New Orleans is 1,504 miles from Wheaton College. That would be one really long walk!

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