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At Wheaton, students follow their interests and pursue their passions. 

Wheaton is constantly pushing forward, exploring new possibilities, and offering new opportunities and programs for our students. The world doesn't stand still and neither do we. With an investment in Wheaton's bold and innovative liberal arts and sciences curriculum, you help maintain the high standard of academic excellence and rigor, which continues to be a cornerstone of the Wheaton experience.

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Wheaton Curriculum

The Wheaton curriculum encourages students to develop a broad foundation of knowledge, consider important issues across disciplines and from many perspectives, explore diverse cultures and languages and work to understand how structures of power and inequality operate in a global world. Wheaton’s curriculum requirements are evolving to provide a highly personalized experience for students, helping individuals find the path or paths that match their interests and goals, encouraging them to take on challenges and embrace exploration and providing strong mentorship, guidance and self-reflection along the way. With more than 600 courses, 47 majors and 59 minors Wheaton students find plenty of opportunities to discover how the arts and sciences, humanities, and social sciences complement each other. There are so many possibilities that our students find it hard to limit themselves to one; so, over 20% of Wheaton students are double majors.

Wheaton Faculty

Our faculty build relationships that inspire and sustain. It is common for Wheaton students to know their professors as teachers, mentors, and often as friends. Wheaton believes education is an active pursuit and our faculty share their experiences and expertise at the intersection of theory and practice. As recognized leaders in liberal arts education and in their fields of specialty, our faculty members are crucial to the personalized education and remarkable growth experienced by all Wheaton students. Faculty members' scholarly, innovative, and artistic engagement not only raises the profile of the college to external audiences but also directly shapes the curriculum and expands the experiential learning opportunities for our students. 

Students who received National and International Academic Awards and Honors

Wheaton students have received more than 250 national academic awards from 2000 through the 2019 academic year, including:

  • 3 Rhodes Scholarships
  • 112 U.S. Fulbright Fellowships
  • 24 Watson Fellowships
  • 15 Gilman International Scholarships
  • 19 Davis Projects for Peace Grants
  • 9 Beinecke Scholarships
  • 8 Truman Scholarship
  • 4 Marshall Scholarships
  • 5 Udall Scholarships
  • 2 James Madison Fellowships
  • 2 French Government Teaching Assistantships
  • 1 George Mitchell Scholarships
  • 1 Humanity in Action Fellowship
  • 1 OZY Genius Award
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