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At Wheaton, we are invested in providing myriad opportunities for our students to put their learning into action–through internships, research collaborations, independent projects, and more.

Wheaton's guaranteed access to internship funding ensures that every student has the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to challenges in a real-world setting. Every year, the college's undergraduates work across the country and around the world, gaining the kinds of experiential experiences that help them make the most of their education and prepare them for what comes after graduation. With an investment in experiential learning, you help provide the opportunity for students to test out their skills beyond the classroom, through real-world experiences, which will give them the Wheaton Edge in a competitive global market.  

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Hear from a few students who were beneficiaries of Wheaton Internships during the 2019 academic year:

“My summer internship experience at IconTV allowed me to see ways in which my majors could be compatible outside of coursework. I assisted with medium scale event coordination, gained experience with multimedia production, social media marketing, and Adobe Creative application.”

"This fast-paced internship thrust me into the realm of professional theatre, taking all that I have learned at Wheaton and demonstrating the real-world application and use of it all."

"This summer, I fell even more in love with dentistry. I was given the opportunity to assist in 200 hours of extractions, fillings and exams. I also learned a lot about nonprofit organizations, and definitely see myself working with one in the near future."

"I have known for a while that I wanted to work with children who have experienced some sort of trauma. Most of my past experience has been related to clinical psychology; this allowed me to see that I actually prefer the forensics side."

"From this experience I learned that I want to continue to work with adolescents and to be a mentor to young adults."

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