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Wheaton maintains a vibrant living and learning community that buzzes with activity. 

Wheaton believes that learning and growing extend beyond the classroom and can be just as important and instructive. That is why opportunities are always available for students to become an important part of a community that supports individual expression and collective responsibility. With more than 100 student organizations and myriad activities that enrich campus life, Wheaton is a place to nurture existing passions and discover new talents, friends, and goals. With an investment in Wheaton's campus life, you help maintain a community where inspiration, potential, and innovation outside the classroom continue to be a hallmark of the Wheaton journey.

Wheaton Fund donations will help support:

A Living and Learning Community 

As an active living and learning community, Wheaton has numerous co-curricular centers and offices that educate, empower, and engage students beyond the classroom. 

Center for Global Education: In collaboration with individual students, faculty members, clubs, and special interest groups, the center strives to promote global awareness throughout our community and offers opportunities to learn beyond our borders, such as through Wheaton's hallmark Study Abroad program.

Center for Social Justice & Community Impact: This center encourages and supports passionate and informed political activism, creative approaches to social justice work, and respectful bi-partisan dialogue on issues of importance to our community, country and world through speakers, dialogues, film, art and spoken word events, and other programs.

Center for Religious & Spiritual Life: This center educates and engages students to understand that religion and spirituality are significant components of the identity of many people. While Wheaton is a secular college, the college thinks it is important for its students to learn more about the different beliefs and traditions of others, and to provide space and support for those who have a religion or spiritual practice they are committed to observing.

Marshall Center for Intercultural Learning: At Wheaton, we recognize that individuals have complex identities shaped by biology, society, history, and choice. These varied facets shape who we are and contribute to the rich educational community of Wheaton College. The center exists to affirm these unique identities, to build a community that draws from them, and to cultivate leaders who will nurture the value of human diversity in the world.

The Office of Residential Life: This office provides students with a transformative experience in an inclusive and accessible environment that fosters personal development. The office supports students who live on campus in one of the 33 residential structures, which also include theme housing, common interest communities, and living-learning communities. These vibrant living environments allow the opportunity for students to study together, socialize, build lifelong friendships, and work through the issues associated with living in a diverse community.

The Office of Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership (SAIL): This office engages students in quality programs, services, and activities that complement the curriculum as well as enhance the overall student experience. SAIL provides students with multiple opportunities to become an important part of a community that supports individual expression and collective responsibility, most commonly through the 100+ student organizations. 

A Healthy and Inclusive Community 

Wheaton strives to provide a community where our students can thrive because we believe this is the most important factor for our students to achieve personal and academic success. 

Counseling Center: This center works to decrease emotional, psychological or behavioral barriers in order to support the intellectual growth and academic success of students. The center strives to promote a safe and healthy environment for students by providing developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive assessment, diagnosis, recommendations, and treatment to full-time students free of charge.

Recreation & Fitness: This department engages students in athletics and recreational programs that promote low-key competition and high-spirited fun. It offers students invaluable opportunities to build connections, develop crucial leadership skills, and sustain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Accessibility Services: This department ensures equitable access to programs and services in the recruitment, admission, and education of students with disabilities. It also strives to support students to reach their full potential in learning and living within the college community and the world at large.

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