Mary Lyon Leadership Society

Invest Today. Inspire Tomorrow.

At Wheaton, the Mary Lyon Leadership Society recognizes and honors those who support the college at a leadership level. 

Leadership giving by members of the Mary Lyon Leadership Society accounts for, on an annual basis, more than 90% of the Wheaton Fund. Increased annual giving to the college through the Wheaton Fund has not only helped to address pressing needs but has also reduced spending of endowment income, thus preserving Wheaton’s long-term financial resources. With a leadership-level investment in Wheaton college, you will play a crucial role in continuing to advance the mission of the college. 

Become a Wheaton Philanthropic Leader

Wheaton Fund Leadership-Level Naming Opportunities

Wheaton's brand is on the rise and our profile continues to grow as an institution devoted to social innovation and to graduating changemakers. We are known for our commitment to progressive education with timeless liberal arts values. Now, we are now thrilled to offer two naming opportunities for our leadership-level donors within the Wheaton Fund in support of either scholarships or internships, two top priorities for the college. 

Mary Lyon Leadership Society Giving Levels 

The Mary Lyon Leadership Society recognizes and honors a dedicated group of donors who support Wheaton at a leadership-level. Wheaton has a number of leadership giving levels within the Mary Lyon Leadership society, so that our most generous donors are recognized for their philanthropic leadership. Membership is based on any contribution made to the college within the current fundraising year. 

$1,000 – $2,499


Mary Lyon Circle

$2,500 – $4,999


Muriel Reynolds ’24

$5,000 – $9,999


Wheaton Partners



Eliza Wheaton Circle



President's Circle



Trustees' Circle

$50,000 or more   


Wheaton Benefactors

Young Leaders Circle

The Young Leaders Circle recognizes and honors a dedicated group of graduates of the last decade and students who support Wheaton at a leadership level. Young Leaders Circle members are just beginning their philanthropic relationship with the college; however, they set the standard for giving that inspires the entire college community. 

$50   or more      


Current Students

$100 or more          


Alumni 1 Year Out

$200 or more  


Alumni 2 Years Out

$300 or more  


Alumni 3 Years Out

$400 or more  


Alumni 4 Years Out

$500 or more  


Alumni 5 Years Out

$600 or more  


Alumni 6 Years Out

$700 or more  


Alumni 7 Years Out

$800 or more  


Alumni 8 Years Out

$900 or more  


Alumni 9 Years Out


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